How to use a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight

The flashlight in Dead by Daylight

As a Survivor in Dead by Daylight, you'll need to do absolutely anything to protect yourself from the Killer - and that includes using your trusty Flashlight to blind the nefarious Killer that's after you and your teammates.

Dead by Daylight has a number of different items for Survivors, akin to Killer's add-ons that help them find and butcher their prey, however, their items are rather limited in comparison. Survivors have maps, keys, health kits, toolboxes, event-based firecrackers, and of course, flashlights.

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What is a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight?

A Dead by Daylight Flashlight is an item that only Survivors can use. You're able to equip certain add-ons for a Flashlight in order to broaden the flashlight beam, increase the accuracy, and even make it so that the Killers have a longer 'Blindness' status effect.

You're able to get more Flashlights through the use of the Bloodweb, which can be seen and used before Survivors and Killers enter a match. You're also able to get a Flashlight through the use of treasure chests scattered around the maps, though the selection for items, in this case, are randomized.

How to use a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight?

To use a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight, you'll first need to equip it. To do that, head to the Loadout when playing your Survivor character and then click the Items tab. There you'll see a number of different items, including different coloured Flashlights. Brown is common, with Purple being the Ultra Rare.

Once equipped, you're able to use the Flashlight by using the R2 button on PS4/PS5, the right mouse button on PC, and RT on Xbox.

What can a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight do?

Blind Killers

Flashlights in Dead by Daylight are surprisingly versatile, but they are mostly used to blind Killers. Blinding killers is pretty helpful as it helps them lose track of you, and distract them long enough for you to run away.

Save Other Survivors

Once you use the right button to use the Flashlight item, you then use the left, diagonal button or mouse to aim the Flashlight towards the Killers eyes. This will blind the Killer and, if the Killer is carrying another Survivor while being blinded, the Survivor will be dropped and the Killer stunned. This is very helpful as Survivors are able to make their escape at this point, and you earn extra points for doing so. Very nice.

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