Dead By Daylight Christmas Bone Chill Event Start Time: Ugly Sweaters, New Snowman and Everything You Need To Know

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UPDATE - The Dead by Daylight Bone Chill Event Starts Today. An official start time hasn't been confirmed but we imagine it should begin at around 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM GMT.

Below you'll see exactly how long you have to wait!

Bone Chill Event Start Time

There's a chill in the air and Dead by Daylight is most likely getting ready to celebrate the Christmas festivities with its own celebration. After the rip-roaring success of Behaviour Interactives Halloween event for the game, a snowy Christmas event seems even more inevitable.

In years gone past, the event has typically come in the form of the Winter Solstice event, but 2021 could have something new in-store. Nothing has been confirmed yet but we think that players should be optimistic this time around.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Dead by Daylight's next seasonal event.

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Latest News

6 December 2021 -

Well, this is cool (sorry for the pun). We've got our first proper look at some early gameplay from the upcoming 'Bone Chill' event, but more specifically how the new Snowman mechanic works in practice. Take a look for yourself, and start planning how you intend to use your own Frosty Friend to avoid the killers.

1 December 2021 -

This is interesting. Behaviour Interactive has just dropped a Santa sack sized amount of info on the community detailing some rewards and events taking place in December. First off, the developers confirmed they will be celebrating the Holidays with daily giveaways. Basically, log in each day for a new reward. A bit like an Advent Calendar. We've detailed everything on our Dead By Daylight Promo Codes page if you want to know what is available right now.

Now, the good stuff, Behaviour Interactive has also confirmed their Winter/Christmas event, which this year is called 'The Bone Chill' event.

It starts on December 9th and ends on December 23rd, featuring earnable Winter Cosmetics (including new Ugly Sweaters), exclusive event items, as well as "never-before-seen in-game surprises to discover". This could refer to the rumoured Snowman mechanic leaked once again on November 30.

10 November 2021 -

It looks like we have our first proper leak ahead of the holiday season. As per dataminers it seems like the Winter Event will start from 9 December and feature some sort of new Snowman mechanic where survivors can find inside?

Release Date

Update - In 2021 the event is called 'The Bone Chill event' which begins on December 9th and ends on December 23rd.

Right now there is no confirmed release date for Dead By Daylight's Christmas event, if there even is one.

In previous years the game hasn't exactly been committed to holding a full-on event, but there's normally been some sort of festive treat for players in the form of new skins for survivors, like the ugly sweaters or Reindeer Onesie set.

Previously the game held an event called Winter Solstice, which took place on the following dates:

  • December 14, 2017 - January 4, 2018
  • December 17, 2018 - January 3, 2019

Unfortunately, in 2019 there was no event and in 2020 there was again no event, but they did add the Holiday Horror Collection in the in-game store, including the Krumpas skin. but we expect one this time around.

New Advent Calendar Promo Codes

In 2020 the game also added a sort of digital advent calendar, which more or less amounted to various Dead By Daylight Promo Codes. Follow the link for a list of up to date promo codes that are active currently.

New Killer Skins

Previous Christmas themed events for the game have introduced new festive skins for the games many killers.

Originally the Trapper, Wraith, Hillbilly, Nurse, Hag, Doctor and Huntress all received frosty eyes for the holiday. Then in 2018 the Clown, Spirit and Legion received those same eyes.

We expect that Behaviour Interactive will have something planned for 2021, perhaps for some of the games more recent killers, such as The Nemesis or The Cenobite.

We will be updating this piece as more information is revealed so be sure to check back.

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