DayZ 1.16 Update: Release Date, Leaks & Everything We Know So Far

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The end of 2021 brought a flurry of updates to DayZ, including some fairly significant new content. But as we head into 2022, Bohemia Interactive's open-world survival game looks like it's getting ready to take stock and get the game's foundations set for another year before the team starts adding more new features. Thankfully, the game tends to release updates fairly regularly and we already have a good idea of what to expect with the next major patch. Keep reading and we'll run through everything you need to know about the DayZ 1.16 update.

Latest News

16 February Update -

DayZ 1.16 is now live. We've updated our DayZ patch notes hub with all the latest changes that have been introduced to the game.

15 February Update -

The new DayZ 1.16 update will be available on all official servers today. PC servers will go down at 13:00 CET followed shortly by consoles at 14:00 CET. Patch notes will follow later.

7 February Update -

The development team has announced that there will be no server wipes with the release of the DayZ 1.16 stability update.

2 February Update -

A small update from the dev team as part of the latest Community Spotlight.

For one we had confirmation of the main intention of the new update, which is "more of a check-up / bug fixing update". That being said, we did get two new items in the game, with the Bizon SMG and the alarm clock.

If you want to give the update a look you'll need to be playing on the experimental update servers.

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27 January Update -

The DayZ 1.16 Experimental Update is set to release today on PC & Xbox Experimental servers. You can view the latest experimental DayZ Patch Notes on the link.

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When Is The DayZ Update 1.16 Release Date

We know that Bohemia Interactive is currently working on the DayZ 1.16 Update but at the time of writing, they've not specified when the update will arrive on live servers or experimental servers.

We know that the team is planning to reveal the DayZ 2022 Roadmap "likely in the middle of January," according to ScottyB, a PR & Brand Manager for the game.

We suspect DayZ Update 1.16 could release at some stage in mid-February in much the same pattern as the content roadmap in 2021. For context, here's a look at when the game released its five updates in 2021:

  • DayZ 1.15 - 23 November 2021
  • DayZ 1.14 - 29 September 2001
  • DayZ 1.13 - 13 July 2021
  • DayZ 1.12 - 20 April 2021
  • DayZ 1.11 - 16 February 2021

Either way, it looks like there's going to be a good few weeks before the 1.16 update arrives, although we could see it hit experimental servers a few weeks earlier to allow for testing.

The Livonia map is expected to get quite a few updates in 2022
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The Livonia map is expected to get quite a few updates in 2022

DayZ 1.16 Teasers & Leaks

As we've touched on previously, PR & Brand Manager for the game ScottyB recently spoke with the DayZ Podcast. As well as giving a few details on the planned 2022 Roadmap, ScottyB also gave a few hints at what to expect from the 1.16 update.

The TLDR is that Update 1.16 will likely focus more on the healthy and stability of the game. Here's the full quote from ScottyB:

"What I can say now is the first update, the 1.16 patch, will be more focussed on stability, similar again to 2021 when we had a bit of a health check. That gave us a solid foundation to build the likes of the contamination zones on top of other things. I’m not saying there won’t be a few [new] assets, there’ll be some things that will help keep the hype going, a few little assets, a majority of fixes, and a few balances, but the main goal of it is to give some more stability. Not only on the PC side, but a bit more focus on the console side of things too."

The DayZ 1.14 update added contamination zones, but 1.16 will focus more on "stability"
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The DayZ 1.14 update added contamination zones, but 1.16 will focus more on "stability"

DayZ 1.16 Patch Notes

27 January: Experimental 1.16 patch notes have been released and can be viewed in full on the link below.

For the time being there are no DayZ 1.16 Patch Notes as whilst the update has been (unofficially) announced by the development team, they've not revealed any potential changes coming to the game or experimental servers.

We'll be sure to track all changes on our dedicated DayZ Patch Notes guide, including all the nitty-gritty changes as they're revealed and tested.

Is DayZ 1.16 Getting A Server Wipe?

7 February: Bohemia Interactive has announced that there will be no wipe with the 1.16 Stability update. The team plans to "review updates after 1.16 for targeted wipe".

In 2021 DayZ released two server wipes. The first came with the 1.11 Update and the second came with the 1.13 update in July.

Previously the development team had said they would release a server wipe roughly every "3-4 months" but as you can see, the last server wipe was over 5 months ago.

With this in mind, it seems plausible that the next update could be released with a server wipe. For now, this is not confirmed and is simply speculation on our part.

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