DayZ 2022 Roadmap: All Updates, Plans and Changes We Know So Far

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Bohemia Interactive's survival zombie apocalypse game DayZ might be a good 8-years-old but even as recently as January 2022 the game was still breaking 50k concurrent players on Steam. Far from getting long in the tooth, the game has shown to have continued longevity, a passionate community, and certainly plenty of life still kicking in it.

With another year of content ahead, most fans will likely be curious to know what, if anything, the developers have in store for players throughout 2022. Though nothing has been officially confirmed on the Bohemia Interactive site, there are a few details about 2022 which we know from official DayZ channels.

With that in mind, here's everything we know about the DayZ 2022 Roadmap.

DayZ 2022 Roadmap Release Date

Fans of the game might recall that the 2021 roadmap for DayZ wasn't released until around March 2021, a good few months into the year.

The positive news is that it seems like we won't have to wait that long to discover what the dev team has planned in 2022.

ScottyB, a PR & Brand Manager for the game joined the DayZ Podcast in late December and gave fans some insight into not just when to expect the roadmap, but what level of detail it will include.

In terms of when we'll get the Roadmap, ScottyB first joked that it would be "Not months, weeks," before elaborating further:

"I would say it will be likely in the middle of January, we’re looking at something that would formulate the looks of a roadmap. I’m not going to say it’s going to be exactly in detail but I’ll be enough or in line with what we did in the previous year."

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DayZ 2022 Roadmap Content

So far we don't have a firm content roadmap for DayZ in 2022, but once again, ScottyB the PR & Brand Manager for the game has given a fairly decent outline of what we can expect in the meantime.

A few months back in October 2021, ScottyB was asked what sort of support the game would receive in 2022. The question came via @boydy_73 (co-host of the DayZ Podcast) in discord. In response, ScottyB replied:

"It's no secret the DayZ team is indeed expanding and would make sense to answer this question without revealing too much. We are happy to announce DayZ will receive the same support similar to the release structure of 2021. (All Platforms) During Q1 will have more focus on the stability of the game making sure the foundations are set for future content. Then we will continue to add a healthy ratio of new content, fixes and balancing throughout the rest of the year. Further hotfixes/patches are planned to support each update if needed. Holiday events will also be returning in a similar fashion to 2021. More will be publicly announced at later date but we aim to add more focus to the Livonia Map for 2022"

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Now, the above is what was mentioned in October 2021. But on the DayZ Podcast in December, ScottB also added the following:

"What I can say now is the first update, the 1.16 patch for 2022, will be more focussed on stability, similar again to 2021 when we had a bit of a health check. That gave us a solid foundation to build the likes of the contamination zones on top of other things for the future."

For now, this is all we know about the DayZ content roadmap in 2022, but we doubt we'll have to wait long for more official info courtesy of the dev team.

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Are More DayZ Server Wipes Coming in 2022?

Given that the DayZ PR & Brand Manager has made it fairly explicit that the content roadmap will be fairly similar to 2021, it seems fairly likely we'll see a couple of server wipes too.

For those who don't know server wipes only take place on official servers and will typically wipe character progression. If you tend to play on community servers, this isn't a problem you need to worry about.

In 2021 the roadmap indicated we would have a server wipe roughly every 3-4 months "in an effort to breathe fresh air" into the game. That being said, the last server wipe took place with the release of the DayZ 1.13 update way back in June 2021.

As such it's likely that the next server wipe isn't too far away.

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