Days Gone Actor Tells Fans to Buy The Game on PC if They Want a Sequel

Days Gone has been in the news quite a bit recently, as fans are upset about Sony reportedly shutting down any hopes of a sequel.

Fans were quick to take to social media addressing their concerns about the popular survival game and recently created a petition that has amassed over 100,000 signatures.

The criticism Sony has been receiving after the report came out, has made many people speak out in the industry including those who worked on the original.

The newest comments come from the actor who plays Deacon St. John, the main character in Days Gone.

Days Gone Actor Tells Fans to Buy The Game on PC if They Want a Sequel

In a Reddit AMA on the Days Gone page today, Sam Witwer replied to a question that asked him if he thought the effort of players recently is enough to convince Sony to invest in a sequel.

"I'd say buy the game on PC! Nothing talks more than sales." he says.

The same comments were made by John Garvin, a developer on Days Gone last month when he said "Don’t Complain If There’s No Sequel If You Didn’t Buy It Full Price".

Days Gone was re-released today on Steam which is seeing an increase in sales as it quickly rose to the top of the top seller's list.

It is unlikely Sony will change their minds, as they have yet to comment on the topic, so for now, players will have to settle for the release on PC.

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