Days Gone Studio Announces New Project That Isn't Days Gone 2

Days Gone 2 is officially dead, at least for the time being.

Bend Studio and head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst both announced the Days Gone developer is working on a brand-new IP.

Hulst made the announcement in the same PlayStation Blog post that informed us God of War Ragnarok was delayed.

Of course, we could still see Days Gone 2 at some point down the long, freaker-infested road.

Devoted fans certainly want it, and Sony knows they want it.

Aside from the Days Gone 2 petition started after rumors circulated that Days Gone 2 was cancelled, Sony went to the trouble of porting Days Gone to PC.

Granted, it didn’t sit well with everyone, but it still had an audience.

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Days Gone Studio Announces New Project That Isn't Days Gone 2

As to what the new Bend Studio IP is, Hulst and the developer had little to say.

There’s not even the slightest hint yet what the new Bend Studio IP could be.

Before Days Gone, Bend worked on the Vita exclusive Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Syphon Filter, among other things.

It’s a versatile team, though we’d be surprised if the new IP didn’t have something to do with a survival or shooter game.

It’s possible we’ll see a tease about it at some point in summer, though not during E3.

Sony won’t be attending E3 2021, but it will be present at the Summer Game Fest 2021.

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