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When Will Cyberpunk 2077 Add New Game Plus?


Despite all of its flaws, Cyberpunk 2077 did manage to get a fanbase that loves the game, even with all of the bugs and glitches.


Some of these fans have actually managed to beat the game already, which is impressive since there are a lot of things to do in Night City.

But a variety of endings also means it's a perfect game for players to dive back into even after they've finished it.

Some 90 days after the game first launched, the game is still lacking a New Game + mode.

Realistically when can we expect to see a New Game + mode added into the game?

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Will Cyberpunk 2077 1.3 Update Add New Game Plus?

While we all wait for the game to get some DLC so we can continue the adventures of V, fans have been hoping for a New Game + mode so that they can play the game again with a huge advantage.

The game’s fans were hoping to see Cyberpunk 2077 add New Game Plus in update 1.2 but instead the update focussed mostly on bug fixing; which is fine since the game desperately needed it.

Yet any fans hoping for New Game + might have to wait quite some time though.


Since “multiple updates and improvements” are planned for the game after Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.2 update, it looks like we can expect to see New Game + added as part of a future updates coming later this year.

But even then, interest in keeping the game alive from the games developers already appears to have cooled just a few short months after launch.

CD Projekt Red already appear to be "Reconsidering" Multiplayer, whilst also stating that they intend to work on new AAA Projects in the near future.

Why does Cyberpunk 2077 Need A New Game+ Mode?

Having a New Game + mode available on Cyberpunk 2077 would be a really interesting feature for fans to continue their enjoyment of the game until an eventual online mode arrives.

Aside from choosing your backstory, it’s also possible to make V either a man or a woman, so, hypothetically, if you finish the game as corporate male V and can carry over some of the stats and items to a street-savvy female V, that would be interesting.

Obviously, we’ll have to wait for CD Projekt Red to detail what their New Game Plus will look like but there are plenty of intriguing possibilities.

Unfortunately, we'll potentially have to wait sometime before it arrives.

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