Cyberpunk 2077 - Modders bring Pimp My Ride to Night City

Pimp My Ride in Night City

Do you love tricking out your personage with all kinds of trinkets down at one of Cyberpunk 2077’s ripperdocs, but are sick of feeling like your ride of choice feels kind of plain in comparison? Well, look no further, because in this guide we'll run through how to bring Pimp My Ride to Cyberpunk 2077.

For those who not only want to mess around and make their rides as fast as possible but also want to display them in the extravagant manner that befits any great street racer, a new mod might be just up your dragstrip.

The latest mod, by Darkcopse, is called “AMM Car Modification Shop” and adds a neon-fronted garage to use alongside an existing car customization mod, E3roKK’s “Car Modification Shop”.

Cyberpunk 2077 modders bring Pimp My Ride to Night City

You see, while E3roKK’s mod gives you all of the tools you need to fine-tune and boost the performance of any of Cyberpunk’s futuristic automobiles, it does so with the backdrop of a simple empty lot. This lacks eye candy aside from some plain garage doors.

Darkcopse used the tools added by MaximiliumM and CtrlAltDaz’s “Appearance Menu Mod”, which can help players with a variety of tasks including changing the appearance of NPCs, spawning companions and redecorating interiors, to create the garage.

As with any new mod, there are still a few teething issues with the garage, with Darkcopse highlighting the roof skylight as a problem area. But these may be rectified over time, with the modder inviting others to use the mod as a base for more complex creations.

Besides, the skylight probably doesn’t matter when you factor in that every visiting NPC will definitely be gawking at your tricked-out rides instead.

Even if you end up feeling that your street cred is being affected too heavily and have to make a quick getaway to somewhere more vanilla, the 47 modifications offered by E3roKK’s mod will make sure that you’re out of sight in the blink of an eye.

A snap of the inside of the garage Darkcopse's mod adds.
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Credit: Darkcopse on Nexus Mods.
A snap of the inside of the garage.

From engine upgrades for straight-line speed to racing tyres for better cornering and even weight reduction, if you feel like you’re driving a boat rather than a car then this new mod is everything you could want.

Well, that’s aside from visual upgrades. So lovers of the 1000 TVs in the boot look might be a little disappointed by what’s currently on offer.

Also, if you’re looking to spice up the in-game car buying experience to add some immersion to your search for the next ride to pimp, check out “Virtual Car Dealer”, a brand new mod by DJ_Kovrik which adds the ability to browse purchasable rides via a website accessible via the PC in V’s apartment.

But there you have it, that's all you need to know about bringing Pimp My Ride to Cyberpunk 2077! Be sure to check back with us often, because we've got all the news on the upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion. Additionally, we have plenty more awesome mod guides, including how to romance Johnny Silverhand. But if cool new vehicles are still more your speed, we've also got a mod guide on how to install the Blade Runner spinner!

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