Cyberpunk 2077: Information Braindance Guide

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Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here, and the Information's braindance is a big early test of V's deduction and attention to detail.

The key is finding a Relic, but you'll also be tasked with scanning a security system as a secondary objective.


Here's how to do it.

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Cyberpunk 2077: Information Braindance Guide

As you'll see from watching in chronological order and from first-person view, Evelyn enters the apartment.


Yorinobu takes a call via video and then via phone.

Switch the audio track and playback mode to pick up the sound from Yorinobu's phonecall and use free camera mode to follow him.

Scan the Datapad

At the end of the sequence, Yorinobu puts his datapad in a bedside drawer. Zoom in on it to complete this objective.


Scan Apartment's Security Systems

There are four locations in the area that need to be scanned to fulfil this optional objective, but luckily, they're pretty straightforward.

In the visual layer, scan the Alarm System and Motion Camera as Evelyn enters the apartment – they're just on the right of the entrance.

The Automated Turret and Motion Sensor Camera can be spotted on the ceiling three-quarters of the way through.


Find The Relic

Here's the big one, and the reason you're here.

Switch to the thermal layer and look for areas that have a lower temperature – the fridge, the AC unit, a bucket of ice.

Once you're around a third into the secret (when Yorinobu is on the phone), hop into free-cam mode and look for a secret floor compartment in the distance.


That's where you'll find the Relic.