08 Apr 2021 8:25 AM +00:00

Cyberpunk 2077: Should I Betray Dex Or Not?

The latest entry from CD Projekt Red is here, and it hasn't been without controversy.

There are plenty of side missions and other ways to distract yourself in Night City.

As well, there are characters all around the city that will play an important role within the game.

One of these is Dex, and you will have an important decision to make regarding Dex.

So, should you betray or not betray Dex? 

Here are the outcomes.

Spoiler Warning


Yay Or Nay

You will encounter Dex during one of the heist missions within Cyberpunk 2077.

You will have the option to leave Dex out of the heist and betraying him beforehand, as Evelyn Parker will mention it during a dialogue sequence. 

Before the actual heist begins you will be sitting alongside Dex and this is where the decision can be made.

If you choose to tell Dex that Evelyn is looking to betray him; he will obviously be a bit annoyed by this.

But, he will reward you with an increase of 40% in your pay.

If you choose not to tell him about the plan, nothing will happen.

Essentially, both choices play out the same, but at least you can get some more money out of it.