Cyberpunk 2077 DLC 1: Release Date, Story, Content, Leaks, and Everything We Know

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Cyberpunk 2077 might have got off to a rocky launch but it's still one of the biggest selling games of 2020, with many fans still desperate to see the game reach it's full potential.

As part of CD Projekt Red's ongoing commitment to the game, Cyberpunk 2077 is set to receive several free DLC drops in 2021.

If you want the full low down of what to expect, keep reading, as we run you through everything you'd need to know.

Latest News

17 August, 2021 -

CDPR revealed an extensive set of changes coming to Cyberpunk 2077, alongside the game's first DLC packs. We've covered the 1.3 patch notes elsewhere, but here's what to expect from the DLC:

  • Johnny Silverhand alternative appearance - accessed through the Additional Content section of the Settings tab
  • Multilayered Syn-Leather Deltajock Jacket - obtained in V's apartment after completing The Ride. Can craft for better upgrades
  • Luminescent Punk Jacket - obtained in V's apartment after completing The Ride. Can craft for better upgrades
  • Archer Quartz “Bandit” - available for purchase after, or given as reward for, completing Ghost Town. You'll receive a message from Dakota or Rogue depending on choices made during the quest.

There's no release date as yet, but CDPR said it will launch "really soon."

16 August, 2021 -

CD Projekt Red has announced plans for Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.3, the game's next major update.

The studio confirmed details of patch 1.3 in an update shared on their website, but there's also a live stream coming on the CDPR Twitch channel scheduled for August 17 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST.

CDPR senior community manager Kira Tverskaya has also teased that the show will cover “some new and exciting changes to Cyberpunk 2077 which are coming with patch 1.3, as well as the very first DLCs for the game”.

Hopefully, we'll also get some news on a potential Cyberpunk 2077 NG+ mode.

Either way, make sure you tune in and watch for all the details.

13 Janaury, 2021 -

DLC 1 has been delayed to the second half of 2021 along with several more features.

CD Projekt RED issued a full public statement, fronted by CDPR Co-Founder Marcin Iwinski who spent five minutes discussing the game's biggest issues.

You can watch this video below, but there's also a full blog post that dives deeper into what CDPR has planned for the game in 2021.

Release Date

Although CD Projekt Red might have hoped to release the games first DLC much sooner, the level of bug fixing required by the game unfortunately meant that the DLC was pushed back to the second half of 2021. This, along with the games next-gen updates for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

As we write this, we're now in August and there's nothing to speak of.

Hopefully though we should get some more news with the Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.3 live stream.

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DLC Content - Our Wishlist

We don’t expect this to be The Witcher: Blood and Wine levels of goodness, especially not at this early stage, but we would like to see a few additions for sure!

Based on the earliest DLC content for The Witcher we’re hoping for some additions along these lines:

1. Alternate NPC Costumes: This was used in The Witcher to bring characters like Triss, Yenifer and Ciri different outfit options. While only a small addition, some customisation could be fun.

2. Vehicle Customisation: Again, another small update, but one we’d certainly love! The ability to tune up your car, or even just paint it a different colour would be awesome! 

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3. New Quests: Of course we’d expect a few new quests to pop up, but what kind? Well, being able to explore more with your close allies could be a good one! Perhaps followup quests with characters from throughout the story and from previous side jobs could be fun. We’d also like to see a few more romance options pop up. In a city as big as Night City, we’d expect our dating pool to be a little larger than it currently is.

4. New Weapons And Items: Either granted through quests or crafting, we’d love to see some new guns added. Our primary choice would be a Skippy V2.0, which players could earn after they’ve given the gun back to its rightful owner.

5. Transmog: Given how important style is in any game, we’d also like to able to have the stats of a new item, but look like we’re wearing a different one. How and why games don’t already launch with these features is beyond us!

And for now, that’s all we can think of. As we get a better idea of what the DLC will be like, we’ll try to fine-tune our speculation!

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Official Information

The official website for Cyberpunk 2077 has a page dedicated to the games upcoming DLC, found on

For now, though, there's not a whole heap of official information to be gleaned from the website, which simple says:


But so far, nothing of note has been properly revealed as to what the DLC will entail.

We’ll be sure to update the page as and when more info becomes available.

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Since the announcement of the games free DLC there's been a few leaks that hint at what is to come, but none with any great authority.

The one which gained the most attention was revealed following the release of the games 1.2 patch. Fans suggested they'd found evidence for nine 'free' Cyberpunk 2077 DLC expansions.

This was discovered by Reddit user PricklyAssassin and if you want the full lowdown on what he found, follow the link above. Although keep in mind, it's just a rumour for now.

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