Cyberpunk 2077 Claims To Have Lowered The Crash Rate But Won't Say By How Much

CD Projekt Red claims that Cyberpunk 2077's crashing rates have gotten lower with each new update as they should be since that rate should never have been so high, to begin with. Although, gamers and stock owners were provided with a graph that lacked definitive information about how much has changed.

For a little over half a year, we followed CD Projekt Red's efforts to correct the ill-fated launch of Cyberpunk 2077. From CDPR's Q1 earnings report published this week, there was a lot to take away, and we have reported on every little detail. Even so, reporting on this graph that is inexplicably missing its y-axis feels surreal.

The graph CD Projekt Red made for Cyberpunk 2077 is essentially worthless

It's weird how this graph has no y-axis. As a result, we have no data to indicate just how much something has been reduced. There is no way to determine how much the drop really is; the highest number could be 1,000 cases an hour, and the lowest number could be 999 cases an hour.

Above, you can see a graph showing Cyberpunk's crash rate up until the end of May. As you would expect, after each patch or fix, the crash rate increases quickly and then decreases. However, since the graph only has one axis, it is impossible to tell what the crash rate was initially and how much it has been reduced.

As a result, the rates may not have decreased that much, and CD Projekt Red has presented it in this way only to make the patch seem more successful than it actually has. The company also neglected to disclose updated Cyberpunk sales figures as well as the fact it could not meet its Q1 2021 net profit goals. As CD Projekt Red hides all these details, it is becoming increasingly hard to trust them.

This is no accident on CDPR's part, considering how many bugs and glitches Cyberpunk players experienced when the crash rate was at its highest. The graph appears transparent but really only shows you the information that CDPR wants you to see. The graph's y-axis lacks a clearly defined label, making it appear hazy rather than transparent, which was most likely done purposefully.

Honestly, this is the kind of move I expect from EA, not CD Projekt Red.

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