What Is The Binance Withdrawal Limit?

Binance logo with bitcoin
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Binance logo with bitcoin
Credit: Unsplash

While Binance is among the top cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of users, there are still those who are wanting to withdraw from Binance. But what is the Binance Withdrawal Limit?

The exchange has solidified its image as one of the best crypto platforms by introducing lucrative crypto content such as the latest Binance Quiz and Binance Wodl that have kept the crypto users engaged and content for a long time

Apart from hosting various crypto games, the platform's ability to conduct seamless crypto transfers from Binance to MetaMask and Binance to PayPal has also been praised and acknowledged widely. However, some pesky Binance withdrawal limits do hinder this slightly. Let's take a look.

What Is The Binance Withdrawal Limit?

For a regular user, the Binance withdrawl limit in a 24 hour limit is 8,000,000 BUSD. However, as per the official site, this limit in BUSD varies depending on the level of the user.

These are:

  • Regular: 8,000,000 BUSD
  • VIP 1: 8,000,000 BUSD
  • VIP 2: 8,000,000 BUSD
  • VIP 3: 8,000,000 BUSD
  • VIP 4: 16,000,000 BUSD
  • VIP 5: 24,000,000 BUSD
  • VIP 6: 40,000,000 BUSD
  • VIP 7: 64,000,000 BUSD
  • VIP 8: 80,000,000 BUSD
  • VIP 9: 96,000,000 BUSD

VIP levels depend on the amount a user trades on the exchange per month.

What Is Binance US Withdrawal Limit

As per the website, users who have completed their full KYC verification can withdraw up to $1,000,000 per day on Binance US. Please note that there is a $15 fee associated with each withdrawal.

Binance US also has limits on the amount users can deposit. Via a wire transfer, a user can deposit $7,500,000 per day, alongside $5000 via ACH.

Binance Unverified Withdrawal Limit

Binance has recently devised new changes in its withdrawal policy to comply with the policies introduced by the global regulators.

Per the new changes, new user accounts without KYC will be able to withdraw 0.06 BTC per day. While users with all KYC verification being done will be able to withdraw up to 100 BTC in a day.

Earlier these accounts were permitted to withdraw up to 2 BTC per day. However, with intensifying regulatory pressure, Binance will now permit its unverified users to withdraw up to 0.06 BTC a day.

To remove this limit, Binance users will instead need to verify their account first.

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