What is LABS Group (LABS)?

LABS Group

LABS Group is a blockchain-powered real estate investment platform that allows investors to own and invest in property.

LABS Group, along with their native LABS token, is one of the first real estate platforms to utilise blockchain technology.

The company intends to digitise traditional assets to make them more accessible for the average investor.

What is LABS Group all about?

The Liquifying Asset Backed Shares Group, simplified as 'LABS Group', was launched in 2018 with the intention of revolutionising the real estate industry.

The company in collaboration with multiple real estate entities, including Greater China Appraisal Group and Gravity Resorts, aims to digitise the real estate sector by eliminating tough entry barriers and making it easier for any investor to purchase and explore real estate properties.

To do this, LABS Group acts as a unique crowdfunding platform, which tokenizes real-world assets and allows investors to invest and trade real estate from around the world.

Users can start investing with funds as low as 100 USDT or an equivalent amount of LABS tokens to venture into digitised real estate.

The company further strives to eliminate geographical and demographic barriers by letting investors purchase properties overseas with the help of blockchain technology.

The LABS Group roadmap continues to expand and build upon itself. In July 2021, the firm held an auction event for the world's first NFT resort. Soon, the company will announce its partnership with a top 10 football club.

The LABS token

LABS tokens are used extensively by holders to participate in governance proceedings and gain access to LABS Group incentives. Eventually, the LABS token will be needed throughout the LABS Group platform to invest in digital real estate.

In April 2022, the LABS token migrated from the Ethereum blockchain to Binance's BNB Chain. The change was made so that users might benefit from the BNB Chain's low trading fees.

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