Quant Network: What is Quant (QNT)?

Quant Network

The crypto industry has often encountered issues related to interoperability between blockchain networks, which has rendered these blockchains unable to interact with each other in their entirety.

With the sector's ever-evolving pace, developers have come up with unique ways to address the interoperability issue between blockchains to help establish a unified form of communication.

Quant Network is one such unique protocol that deploys an expanding list of distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) and application programming interfaces (API) connectors to bridge multiple blockchains and extract useful information.

Let's break all of the above down into something that's easier to understand.

What is Quant (QNT) And How Does It Work?

Quant Network, first introduced to the world in 2018, is a blockchain interoperability network and an operating system that improves interoperability between multiple blockchains.

Quant acts as an intermediary that helps bridge multiple blockchains by deploying simple software solutions that don't require additional infrastructural layers.

Quant uses DLT and API connectors to help establish contacts between blockchains. Connections are established via Quant's API gateway in a secure, safe, and reliable manner.

Quant (QNT) Overledger

Quant primarily makes use of its Overledger Enterprise platform, which the firm has actively marketed as the first DLT gateway. The platform extensively makes use of a simple API gateway to let other blockchains access information they need by connecting them to an assortment of distributed ledgers from other blockchain networks.

From Coinmarketcap:

The Overledger DLT gateway allows Quant to effortlessly connect several decentralised networks, independent of whatever specific distributed ledger technology they employ (e.g. blockchain, DAG, or another protocol).

The technology permits businesses to create multi-DLT smart contracts or mAPPS. Described as smart contracts that exist across multiple ledgers, these mAPPS are what allow dApps to access data from multiple platforms.


Quant's QNT token debuted shortly after the launch of Quant's extensive suite of applications. The token is dubbed a 'multi-purpose cryptocurrency' and is designed to function as a key to the greater Quant network.

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