Whale Buys Over 100 Shiboshi NFTs As Shiba Inu NFT Floor Price Soars

Image of Shiboshi NFT listings on OpenSea.

Image of Shiboshi NFT listings on OpenSea.

One Shiba Inu holder now holds 102 Shiboshi NFTs after purchasing the SHIB NFTs over the past two days.

The mystery OpenSea collector, known as ‘LeashToMoon’, now owns 1.02% of the 10,000 Shiboshi’s first minted in October.

This activity saw the floor price of the Shiboshi NFTs spike to 1.27 ETH - an increase of nearly 40%.

Shiboshi Sales Go Through The Roof

Of the Shiboshi’s in question, the two most expensive held are Iron Shib and #0. These last sold for 50 ETH and 34.99 ETH, respectively. However, Shiboshi whale LeashToMoon did not purchase these via OpenSea but received them through a transfer instead. This means the whale may have already held these NFTs.

Indeed, it appears the holder went after the cheaper Shiboshis, with the most expensive NFT purchased for just 1.5 ETH.

So, what was the motivation behind the purchase? Well, we can’t say for sure - although with the upcoming Shiba Inu game set to have some link to the NFTs, perhaps they are hoping to flip them for a profit. Indeed, the holder has already re-listed many of the Shiboshi’s, and for a much higher price, too.

Most of these NFTs now for sale are listed for 2.99 or 3.99 ETH - a tidy profit on the 1 or 1.25 ETH paid. Meanwhile, the 50 ETH Iron Shib listing is for 1000 ETH, or $3.45m.

The Shiboshi NFTs are a group of 10,000 Shiba Inu-based NFTs that first launched on October 14, selling out in just over 35 minutes. With 97 sales occurring yesterday for 125 ETH, it was the Shiboshi’s busiest day since November 2.

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