Terra Bridge: How To Use Terra Luna Bridge

Terra Luna Bridge
Credit: Unsplash/Varun Yadav

Terra Luna Bridge
Credit: Unsplash/Varun Yadav

The Terra Bridge is the native bridge of Terra blockchain and is used to transfer Luna to other crypto networks and blockchains.

Users can leverage this bridge to send tokens from one blockchain to another, with this being the primary way to get Luna on MetaMask. At the moment, the bridge supports only 4 networks, notably Metamask, BSC, Ethereum, and Harmony.

Amid the news of the Luna recovery plan, many users are ramping up efforts to purchase Luna in hopes to redeem their profits from the recent Luna crypto crash. Let's take a look at how to use the Terra Luna bridge to send funds from one blockchain to another.

How to Use Terra Bridge to Transfer Funds From Other Blockchains

The Terra Bridge allows users to send their assets cross-chain, and the process is fairly standard for bridging.

However, you should note that the Terra bridge web app only supports chromium-based web browsers. To initiate the transfer, you must :

  • Visit the Terra Bridge site and select Connect Wallet.
  • From the selection of networks, pick the network you wish to transfer funds from.
  • If Ethereum or BSC is selected, a list of all supported wallets will appear. Click on the one you'd like to use for the transaction.
  • Click on assets and choose the token that you want to transfer.
  • Enter the amount and address of the destination wallet.
  • Click on confirm, and double-check your details.
  • Sign the transaction and proceed with the transfer.

Interest in the Luna Bridge has increased in the last few days after Do Kwon warned users that those who hold bridged Luna may not be eligible for the Luna 2.0 airdrop, set to happen on May 27 pending the Terra Luna vote.

How To Use Terra Luna Bridge To Transfer Funds From Terra To BSC

Here's how you can transfer funds from Terra to Binance Smart Chain:

  • Connect your wallet and select your destination network. For example, Metamask or Binance smart Chain.
  • Enter the number of funds you'd like to transfer along with your MetaMask/BSC wallet address
  • Click on Next. You will see a window that displays the amount, fees, and other important credentials. Click on Confirm to proceed.
  • Add Luna token in the destination wallet by clicking on Import token.
  • Paste the token address and wait for the wallet to recognise the token.
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