Shiba Inu Shibarium beta goes live in "early beta test" mode



After a long wait, the Shiba Inu Shibarium beta is finally live.

The beta went live on March 12 2023 and was announced on all Shiba Inu social media channels.

Shibarium is a layer 2 Ethereum network where users can become validators, trade cryptocurrencies and interact with decentralised applications.

Shibarium beta goes live in "early beta test" mode

The Shibarium beta is now live for users to test out the upcoming layer 2 network. Alongside its release, a short article on the beta and what users should look out for was posted to ShibaSwap.

According to the article, SHIB burns will depend on network transactions; the more transactions that the network takes on, the more SHIB will be burned. A chart has been set up to track SHIB burns on Shibarium.

The team are calling it an “early beta test,” a new term that might leave some Shiba Inu holders scratching their heads. Dubbed Puppynet, tokens on the beta are fake and cannot be used to trade for real money or cryptocurrencies since they’re testnet tokens.

From ShibaSwap:

Today, more than ever, we see the need for a truly decentralized L2 network that powers the projects of a large, global, decentralized community. As is now on display for the world to see, for too long, Shibarians have been subject to outdated systems and methods of control that harm Shibkind.

Developers who want to build on Shibarium with direct support from the Shibarium dev team can sign the Shibarium Technology intake form via ShibaSwap. Those who want to become validators must wait for further documentation next week so they can set up nodes and start testing.

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