Shiba Inu Holders Plan To Launch New NFT Marketplace on Shibarium

Shiba Inu NFT Marketplace Shibarium
Credit: Pixabay

With the Shibarium release date drawing closer as the Shibarium Public Beta gets ready to launch, SHIB holders are thinking more about their role within the new Layer-2.

After Shytoshi asked SHIB holders to think about this, several projects have come out preparing to build on Shibarium. One of these is Pawzaar - an NFT marketplace created by PawZone, which will also contribute towards SHIB burns.

Planet Crypto, which previously spoke to PawZone about the Shiba Inu Gaming Guild, caught up with its creator JD Hatefi to find out how they are preparing for Shibarium.

Pawzaar Marketplace To Launch On Shibarium

Dubbed an NFT marketplace for SHIB holders, Pawzaar hopes to be one of the first projects to launch on Shibarium. And according to Hatefi, they are already prepared.

“Our marketplace will be exclusive to Shibarium, and so obviously we won’t have a release until we have a calculation of when Shibarium launched,” he said. “However, we are prepared for when the time comes.”

Addressing the proposed Shibarium hackathon, which is slated to offer rewards to successful Shibarium builders and projects, Hatefi said the team would definitely be interested. However, he acknowledged little information has been released on the hackathon.

He also praised the hackathon idea for emphasising community elements. “What I feel a lot of people misunderstand about Shiba Inu is that the whole point is for the ShibArmy to build around the tokens,” Hatefi added. He also hoped that Pawzaar can act as an example for those wanting to build on Shibarium.

“We are ShibArmy members, so I hope we provide a beacon of light to others in the community that maybe want to build for Shibarium or Shiba Inu,” he said. “We not only want to provide, but we also want to inspire other members to build.”

Projects that launch on Pawzaar will also help to burn SHIB. Hatefi described the platform as having “the most effective burns” out there.

“A portion of the transaction fees get sent to the SHIB burn address. And on top of that, for every single collection or NFT that is listed, you can also set for yourself how much of that gets burned.”

As SHIB holders prepare for the Shibarium launch, we could see more projects get ready to build on the L2.

Of course, Pawzaar and others preparing to launch on Shibarium are third-party products that remain unaffiliated with the official Shiba Inu project. Prospective users should do their due diligence and research for all new projects, particularly given the hype behind Shibarium that some bad actors may hope to cash in on.

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