Shiba Inu’s BONE surpasses $1 mark as SHIB Army pushes for new listing

Shiba Inu BONE

Shiba Inu BONE

Tokens within the Shiba Inu ecosystem continue to grow beyond the market rate, with BONE now breaking the $1 barrier after trading at $0.50 just two weeks ago.

As Planet Crypto reported last week, BONE’s price surged as holders anticipate the launch of Shibarium, the SHIB Layer-2. Since then, its price has continued to grow dramatically, breaching $1 over the weekend.

With the Shiba Inu price also on the up as more Shiba Inu news comes out around projects on the SHIB roadmap, here’s the latest on BONE.

BONE passes $1

After starting July at $0.45, BONE’s price has increased by over 100% in under a month. It now sits at $1.08, up 57% in 7 days and 120% in 30 days. Its market cap has now reached $79 million. This is BONE’s highest price since January 5, too.

In contrast, SHIB is up 11% in 30 days. Meanwhile, LEASH has also seen a dramatic price increase on August 8. It jumped over $100 to $639 in a 25% increase in under two hours.

Of course, BONE is still down from its high of $3.22 in November 2021.

Alongside this rapid price increase, BONE is involved in a hefty battle for a listing. In a common marketing strategy by exchanges, BONE has been pitted against other tokens for a spot on

Going into the last day of voting, which has resulted in various accusations across communities, BONE sits in third place. With 4008 votes, it sits behind Volt Inu and Loopring, with 6801 and 4429 votes, respectively.

As is often the case with the Shiba Inu ecosystem, as various SHIB holders have pushed for followers to vote, some have questioned why they should. “We are SHIB Army, not BONE Army,” one noted.

Others pointed out that BONE plays a vital role in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, which impacts SHIB. With Shibarium set to reward Shibarium validators in BONE, and SHIB holders awaiting the Shibarium public beta in hope of a price boost, the two tokens are interlinked.

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