25% of SHIB Wallets Have Held Shiba Inu For Over A Year

Shiba Inu Wallet
Credit: Pixabay

Shiba Inu Wallet
Credit: Pixabay

Over one-quarter of all Shiba Inu holders have kept their SHIB for over a year, according to crypto auditor Certik.

On their latest Shiba Inu dashboard, which details everything from the Shiba Inu price to the social media sentiment, Certik states that 25% of SHIB wallets are above one year old. This means they have held SHIB for over a year.

Here’s the breakdown of the Shiba Inu wallet distribution.

Shiba Inu Wallet Hold Time

With 25% of wallets holding SHIB for over a year, Certik states a further 51% have held SHIB for 6-12 months. A further 15% have held SHIB for between 3-6 months.

Depending on the number of wallets holding SHIB, between 295,000 and 313,000 wallets have held SHIB for over a year. Etherscan states it is 1.18 million, while Certik states it is actually 1.25 million.

This lengthy hold time suggests SHIB has a large following that has been with the project since its initial breakout.

According to Certik, the average hold time of Shiba Inu is currently 8 months. This is above the 4.5 months (142 days) that Coinbase states is the typical SHIB hold time on its exchange.

Compared to other Certik tracked projects, SHIB has a near-identical wallet distribution to BNB. 25% of BNB holding wallets are also older than a year, with an average time of 8 months.

The two most explosive periods for SHIB gaining holders came during the May 2021 breakout, and the October 2021 boom. This October period saw SHIB hit 1 million holders as it reached new all-time highs.

There are also reports that when including crypto exchanges, the number of SHIB holders is actually over 2 million.

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