SHIB Holder Creates NFT of Ryoshi Post For Preservation

Shiba Inu Ryoshi NFT
Credit: Unsplash

Shiba Inu Ryoshi NFT
Credit: Unsplash

One Shiba Inu holder has taken advantage of the blockchain by preserving Shiba Inu founder Ryoshi’s post as an NFT.

After Ryoshi deleted his tweets and posts about SHIB, Cionny.eth decided to mint an NFT of Ryoshi’s now-deleted ‘I AM RYOSHI’ Medium post, which laid out his vision for SHIB. This post, which was Ryoshi’s final on SHIB, included the first ideas for Shibarium.

Let’s take a closer look at this Ryoshi NFT.

Ryoshi Blog Post Minted As NFT

With the Ryoshi Research blog now deleted (and replaced with a new user’s blog), some users became concerned about where they would be able to access these key documents on SHIB.

While several other re-posts are available, one holder took this further through minting Ryoshi’s final blog as an NFT.

The NFT is a 3-minute video of the whole blog, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

“Decentralisation. No one should be able to take down its vision,” Cionny.eth said about the minting. “Fudders, hackers, not even Ryoshi.”

While sceptics would question this decision as a way to make a quick buck, Cionny has ensured this is not the case, as they have destroyed the keys to the account which holds the NFT.

“[It] will live immutable in the blockchain, not for sale nor manipulation,” they said. “A legacy to the new SHIB generation.”

Minting documents or tweets for profit has been a common practice in the NFT space for some time. Whether it's Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet, or the Fyre Festival cheese sandwich tweet, users have made thousands through minting online content.

Ryoshi’s decision to delete his SHIB posts caused a mild panic among SHIB holders, who were unsure what it meant for SHIB. This was further driven by the re-emergence of the AllHailTheShiba Medium, likely through a new user’s account.

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