Revolut crypto fees: How much does it cost to withdraw crypto from Revolut?

Revolut card

Revolut card

After taking a look at Coinbase fees and Binance fees, let's take a look at the Revolut crypto fee structure and how it differs from other central exchanges.

Revolut is a financial technology company that has recently explored the avenue of cryptocurrency and has also launched the Revolut crypto quiz to advance towards the crypto sector.

It also permits its users to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies and facilitates smooth trading, citing no hidden fees.

Revolut crypto transaction fees

Revolut's fees for exchanging cryptocurrency depend on the plan you are on, ranging from 0.99% to 1.99%. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Standard or Plus plan: 1.99% (or 1 Euro, whatever is higher)
  • Premium plan: 1.49%
  • Metal plan: 0.99%

Standard or Plus customers will also be charged an additional 0.5% if they exceed their currency exchange limit.

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How much does it cost to withdraw crypto from Revolut

As with other mainstream crypto exchanges, Revolut does not charge any hidden fees and only requests a network fee that is to be paid while withdrawing crypto from the platform.

The network fee is generally a fee that is to be paid to crypto miners for validating the transactions on a blockchain. According to Revolut, the network fee varies from transaction to transaction and is sensitive to changes on the network.

Revolut also adds a nominal service fee charge to the estimate at the end of the transaction. In its blog post it says:

We calculate an estimated network fee before you confirm a transaction. This estimate is based on what we anticipate the network cost to be, then the service fee would be added to this estimate.

The transaction breakdown and total cost would then be shown in-app when you reach the transaction confirmation screen, and we’ll never charge you more than the total quoted.

How to withdraw crypto from Revolut?

Here's how users can withdraw crypto from Revolut

  • Open the Revolut app and go to the Crypto tab.
  • Press Send and Entire the desired amount of your cryptocurrency.
  • Select Wallets and enter the wallet address.
  • Click Confirm.

And that's it! Now you've withdrawn, check out the latest on whether there is a Revolut Crypto Wallet.

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