Revolut Crypto Wallet: Does Revolut Support Crypto Wallets?

revolut card

revolut card

Fintech firm Revolut has solidified its position as a leading crypto merchant, but does it also offer Revolut crypto wallet support?

Revolut has recently been exploring several crypto options by introducing interactive initiatives like Revolut crypto quizzes. The company has been constantly expanding its services by adding new crypto quizzes and trading options, enabling users to earn free crypto rewards.

But it's still a mystery whether Revolut supports crypto wallets or not. Let's take a look at whether Revolut has its own crypto wallet.

Does Revolut have its own crypto wallet?

At the moment, Revolut does not have its own crypto wallet.

According to its site, the firm does not issue individual crypto wallets currently. Instead, it deploys another mechanism where it stores its customers' crypto in a "pooled" cryptocurrency account. This combines and includes both hot and cold crypto wallets.

Per Revolut, the firm also keeps a repository of virtual currency private keys alongside maintaining a private ledger that keeps a record of all its customer's investment portfolios

Users can also refer to their Revolut app to check their investment exposure and learn more about how much crypto they currently have in store with the firm.

However, the firm is actively exploring the crypto wallet space and may have a new update soon.

How to transfer from Revolut to the crypto wallet?

Since we've already established how Revolut does not have its independent crypto wallet, it does offer services where crypto can be transferred from the firm to leading third-party crypto wallets.

There might be times when users may encounter the "wallets" option doesn't appear in their app. This is because Revolut is still trying to expand its bases to reach other regions and audiences.

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