Redditor trolls NFT haters by making NFTs of their anti-NFT posts

Worthless JPEG NFTs
Credit: Worthless JPEG NFTs

Worthless JPEG NFTs
Credit: Worthless JPEG NFTs

One Redditor has responded to NFT critics by minting an NFT collection using their anti-NFT quotes.

With so many new NFT projects and new NFT games coming out, NFTs still remain pretty unpopular among a large population of individuals online. Whether criticising projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, or dismissing talk of a GTA 6 cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency is unpopular in many circles.

So, in response to many of the anti-NFT comments, a Reddit user known as Busterrullezzz has created the Worthless JPEGs collection using these comments.

Redditor makes an NFT collection out of people's anti-NFT comments

As a comedic project, a Redditor named Busterrulezzz has created an NFT collection inspired by people's anti-NFT comments.

Dubbed "Worthless JPEGs," the NFT collection consists of 50 anti-NFT comments from other Reddit posts.

The collection comprises 40 quotes that the Redditor had selected from Reddit. The remaining ten anti-NFT quotes come from notable individuals, including Warren Buffet, Peter Schiff, and Dan Olson.

Busterrulezzz further added how the anti-NFT post collection that they created was made to entertain the crypto masses, and point their attention towards the mass hate that the NFT technology often receives. They said:

I wanted to make something funny to entertain my fellow crypto enthusiasts while the skeptics and haters are taking victory laps about our supposed collapse. Something to document the sheer hatred generated by this new tech that we're all excited about, and mock those who don't believe in blockchain.

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Worthless JPEGs NFT Collection

Created by an anonymous Redditor that goes by the name Busterrulezzz, the NFT collection includes 50 satirical images of Anti-NFT posts and comments, intended to be sold as NFTs.

Notable quotes minted in the collection include:

  • "This Ponzi house of cards is collapsing."
  • "Right-Click -> Copy. Am I a millionaire?"
  • "NFT? More like NFTrash."
  • "Give it six months and it'll die out."
  • "You wouldn't download an art gallery, would you?"

The collection is also split into five categories:

  • Criminals and money laundering
  • "Everything I Don't Like Is a Ponzi"
  • International FUDsters
  • iS dEaD?!
  • Right-clickers geniuses

The Worthless JPEG collection is hosted on Stratos, and has already minted out at 0.003 ETH each. The creator also added that they will airdrop new NFTs that are responses to the original quotes if Ethereum reaches $5000.

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