Microsoft Edge web3 crypto wallet images leak



Microsoft may be working on their own cryptocurrency wallet to facilitate crypto transactions.

The rumour from BleepingComputer and Albacore includes images of a crypto wallet that Microsoft might include in their Edge web browser.

If true, it would be the first time that Microsoft has made a serious leap into crypto.

Microsoft Edge web3 crypto wallet images leak

Twitter account Albacore shared images of the new Microsoft Edge crypto web wallet that would be built into the Edge browser itself providing a future update.

Similar to other decentralised browser wallets like Metamask, Microsoft’s Edge web3 wallet will allow users to store crypto, NFTs and connect to web3 applications.


Newest in the gauntlet of questionable upcoming Microsoft Edge features, a crypto wallet Not really sure how to feel about this kind of thing being baked into the default browser, what are your thoughts?

In addition to alternative payment methods, crypto storage, web3 connectivity, and passwords, the browser wallet will have a 'explore' button for crypto news, an overview of the wallet's current holdings, and price charts for various cryptocurrencies.

So far, the images indicate that the Ethereum blockchain will be one of the main networks that Microsoft’s Edge wallet will be able to connect to.

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