How Does A Physical Cryptocurrency Office Work: Inside Koda Cryptocurrency

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Just one hour outside of London, in a rather unassuming Uxbridge business park, sits the office of Koda Cryptocurrency. This building, adorned with a colourful mural featuring Koda’s logo, stands out from the more traditional businesses operating here - both in terms of its looks and what’s happening inside.

When cryptocurrency exploded earlier this year, much of the world was still working from home. Virtual (dare I say, decentralised), offices became the norm for companies, and cryptocurrency projects, too.

Earlier this month, Planet Crypto took a trip to the Koda Coin office to find out what makes a physical crypto office different.

Inside The Koda Office

“Structurally, we want to be the first crypto running like a business,” said Brandon Fisher, Koda’s Head of Technology.

With a fully kitted out office and a team of 45, Koda wants to do things differently than other cryptocurrencies. The physical office is seen as a personal touch for investors, with many coming to visit before investing. “At the end of the day, it’s all about that human connection,” Brandon said.

“Wouldn’t you like to go down the road to meet the person at Doge?” Brandon asked. “When Koda gets into the full swing of things, people will start asking why you don’t have an office.”

Image of the Koda Office inside, featuring desks on either side and two blue chairs.
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Of course, having a physical space does have its downsides. There is always the risk of theft or data breaches, for example. However, Koda has spent “tens of thousands on security” to further protect the office and protect the information stored inside, something it deems vital in gaining investors' trust.

The office is filled with a team that is “very passionate about crypto”, and often holds training sessions for the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space. Brandon said the team recently held a session on Ethereum 2.0, for example.

“The brainstorming is unbelievable,” Brandon said, referencing the team’s passion for crypto. “Everyone has learnt so much here.”

It’s not all work, however. The Koda office features a ‘playroom’ kitted out with games consoles and a high-end gaming PC, where staff are urged to come and have fun. “We don’t want it to feel like a chore,” said Brandon. Koda also boasted a pretty hefty mining setup made of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs, used for mining Ethereum.

Of course, it’s not just the inside that attracts investors, but the mural outside, too. According to Brandon, many passers-by stop to look at the eye-catching mural, and sometimes even end up investing.

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