Dogecoin 1.14.5 Update Is At 98% Completion - Here’s What It Means For DOGE

Image of Dogecoin on grey blurred background of a computer chip

Image of Dogecoin on grey blurred background of a computer chip

The Dogecoin 1.14.5 update has officially ‘gone gold’ as it nears full completion ahead of its launch.

Dogecoin 1.14.5 is the latest minor Dogecoin Core update set to roll out ahead of the major Dogecoin 1.21 update. After reaching 98% completion, needing only a handful of fixes until completion, 1.14.5 should help finalise Dogecoin’s much-needed fee reductions.

Here’s what version 1.14.5 should include.

Dogecoin 1.14.5 Update To Support Fee Reductions

After Dogecoin 1.14.4 added in support for lower fees, these lower transaction fees will become the default for Dogecoin Core.

The recommended default transaction fee for network participants will be 0.01 DOGE/KB, while the minimum fee will be 0.001 DOGE/KB.

This latest change to the default settings comes after Dogecoin creator Billy Markus (who does not work as part of the Dogecoin Core development team) raised concerns about the 1.14.4 changes if node operators did not adjust their settings or update.

Such high transaction fees remain an issue for many cryptocurrencies, particularly for Ethereum and its often-expensive gas fees. This also created a problem for Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB), when high transaction fees disrupted its Shiboshi NFT launch.

Self-described Dogefather Elon Musk is among those advocating for lower transaction fees, with rumours suggesting Tesla could accept DOGE after a website update. Musk described lower fees as necessary if DOGE is to become a viable payment method.

Aside from the fee reductions and various bug fixes, Dogecoin 1.14.5 will implement fixes for two high severity vulnerabilities.

At the time of writing, no release date has been set for the update. Testing is the likely next step, ahead of a full rollout.

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