Doge Vodka NFTs Will Launch With Actual Bottles Of Dogecoin Alcohol

Dogecoin Vodka
Credit: Unsplash

Dogecoin Vodka
Credit: Unsplash

The current cryptocurrency realm is all about experimenting and innovating new ideas to merge crypto utility with the real world. In this quest, SpiritPunks has created the Doge Vodka NFT collection, with an aim to bolster the value of Doge across the crypto sphere.

While many new NFT projects remain focused on the digital benefits, this latest project will include bottles of Dogecoin vodka.

Let's take a look at it down below.

What is Doge Vodka NFT Collection All About?

Touted as a limited one-of-a-kind NFT collection, the Doge Vodka NFTs are paired with the spirit to offer 2,013 unique NFTs to users.

The NFTs accompany the physical Doge Vodka bottle and enable its holders to access a wide array of perks. Each Doge Vodka NFT comes with a one-time right to purchase the physical bottle for $20.13.

The package comes in custom packing to make holders feel special about their purchase.

The physical bottle further accompanies two metaverse wearable assets that users can wear in the Decentraland Metaverse.

To claim this perk, the users must upgrade their redeemed state to acquire metaverse-related wearable without additional hassles. However, users must also be in the United States, with only 30 states within the eligible shipping region, too.

Alongside such perks, the NFT will also entitle its holders to a chance to access the upcoming generative art events organised by SpiritPunks by acting as an effective "Mint Pass."

Doge Vodka NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the release date has not been unveiled by their team as of yet. Given the NFT market crash has seen massive projects' prices crash, it might not be the best time in the market to launch a new NFT.

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