David Bowie NFTs receive lukewarm reception

David Bowie NFTs on Opensea
Credit: Ron Frazier/Wikimedia Commons

David Bowie NFTs on Opensea
Credit: Ron Frazier/Wikimedia Commons

David Bowie NFTs are on the way. Nine artists will pay tribute to David Bowie in a new NFT collection launching September 13 on Opensea.

Proceeds from the NFT collection known as ‘BOWIE ON THE BLOCKCHAIN, will go towards global humanitarian charity CARE.

The upcoming NFT collection will be one of many new NFT projects to be released in 2022 alongside Moonrunners and Love, Death and Robots NFTs.

NFTs inspired by David Bowie

According to the official press release on the David Bowie website:

BOWIE ON THE BLOCKCHAIN brings together nine of today’s leading artists in the NFT space who have created their own unique takes paying homage to David Bowie and his influence across their artistic and personal identities. 100% of the profits to the Bowie Estate will benefit CARE

Despite its purpose of philanthropy, many Twitter users sceptical of NFTs have let the David Bowie Estate know about their disapproval of the Ethereum-based digital art collection.

The NFT collection will feature art from the likes of Young & Sick, Glam Beckett, JAKE and PussyRiot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova.

The charity CARE, to which proceeds of the NFT collection will be donated, was founded in 1945. CARE is one of the leading humanitarian organisations battling poverty around the world. From the official statement:

CARE places special focus on working alongside women and girls. Equipped with the proper resources women and girls have the power to lift whole families and entire communities out of poverty.

Opensea and the David Bowie estate have yet to reveal any details regarding what the NFTs will look like. Those interested in the collection may need to wait until September 13 before they can view the art.

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