Love, Death and Robots NFT: Netflix Launches Love, Death and Robots NFT Collection

Love, Death and Robots NFT
Credit: Netflix

Love, Death and Robots NFT
Credit: Netflix

Netflix is set to launch a Love, Death and Robots NFT collection to mark the launch of Season 3.

The streaming giant has launched a new scavenger hunt that will enable the fans to claim nine QR codes to earn digital crypto merch.

These QR codes are hidden across Love, Death and Robots socials, billboards, and the show itself. They will enable users to acquire merch in the form of digital collectables and NFTs. Let's check out this new NFT project.

Love, Death, and Robots NFT Collection

In a bid to spruce things digitally, Netflix has launched NFTs of its successful animated show Love, Death and Robots.

With 9 variations of the NFTs, users must find QR codes to unlock these digital assets.

Each QR code is unique and will redirect users to unlock each episode in Volume 3 in the form of a digital collectable.

Dubbed as a unique digital scavenger hunt, these QR codes will be hidden across LDR social handles, billboards, and in the show for the users to hunt, find and scan.

Upon scanning the QR code found, the users will be sent to a website that will unveil the NFT associated with that particular QR code.

Users will be also given a choice to either mint that NFT, or right click and save the image. In case a user decides to mint that NFT, they will be required to pay gas fees.

Netflix and the creators have reassured viewers that they will not make any money from this collection. "This is all about the art, and you, the fans," it said in an FAQ.

Love, Death, and Robots NFT QR Codes

Of the 5 QR codes for these NFTs hidden in Season 3, only three have been found at the time of writing. These are:

  • The Very Pulse of the Machine
  • Three Robots: Exit Strategies
  • Jibaro
  • Kill Team Kill
  • Mason's Rats

Aside from being viewable on the website, the NFTs are available on OpenSea.

Fans continue to search for these NFT codes, with more likely to get unlocked as we move further from the launch period.

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