Coinbase Launches Its Degen Trilogy, Gets Dubbed Cringe

Coinbase Degen Trilogy
Credit: Coinbase

Coinbase Degen Trilogy
Credit: Coinbase

The success of the BAYC Metaverse has resulted in its creators launching the Coinbase degen trilogy, a three-part animated movie featuring the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT characters.

First announced in April 2022, BAYC, the creator of Apecoin, is one of the most expensive NFT brands that unveiled its intention to launch a three-part movie series.

Part one of three has already been released and is garnering interesting reviews from users across the board.

Coinbase Degen Trilogy Launch

First announced in April 2022, the first part of the Coinbase Degen Trilogy is finally here, and its garnered a lot of attention for its confusing plot.

Released earlier this week, the film exclusively features some of the most celebrated BAYC NFTs and was marketed as a campaign that would significantly boost BAYC's ecosystem to a whole new level.

But on the contrary, the film has garnered negative reviews, with critics panning the film as not up to the mark in terms of direction and plot development.

Indeed, the launch was perhaps further sullied by the timing. As Coinbase battles the likes of an SEC probe, insider trading issues, and the constant questions of bankruptcy, general sentiment may have further contributed to the reception.

Coinbase Degen Trilogy Launch Reactions

Whatever may be the case, the Coinbase Degen Trilogy is getting roasted online.

Crypto Twitter is not happy with the way that the first BAYC movie has turned out to be.

Several Twitter users expressed frustation, stating the movie has a confusing storyline. The movie garnered negative reviews for having a perplexing plot, which includes skydiving and chasing scenes that make no sense to the masses.

Many comments simply described the short film as cringe. Commenting on Coinbase's failed movie attempt, trader and podcaster Cobie addressed the movie as yet another point on the "Web3 bingo cringe festival."

Crypto YouTuber Coin Bureau also joked that "The SEC should rather be investigating this for illegally inducing cringe."

Of course, there were some positive responses. Some viewers praised the VFX as being "beyond expectation", for example. Meanwhile, FatMan Terra, who rose to prominence during the Luna crypto crash, said:

This actually looks cool, I just wish it hadn't been created for the sole purpose of shilling your ape bags.
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