Cardano founder talks Ripple v SEC case, here's the latest from Charles Hoskinson



Charles Hoskinson and David Gokhshtein clashed on Twitter over the Ripple v SEC case. Hoskinson called out Gokhshtein for spreading “fake news" after Hoskinson said he believed the Ripple case would be settled by December 15.

In related news, Hoskinson recently discussed IOG's Midnight, a new privacy blockchain.

Here’s a rundown on the latest from the Cardano founder.

Cardano founder talks Ripple and privacy blockchain Midnight

David Gokhshtein tweeted that Charles Hoskinson “apparently believes” Ripple will settle with the SEC by December 15. Following the tweet, Cardano's founder responded, telling David Gokhshtein to stop spreading "fake news."

David Gokhshtein then tweeted Charles Hoskinson the definition of the word "apparently".

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Charles Hoskinson stated in a recent AMA live-streamed on YouTube that he had heard rumours that the Ripple v SEC lawsuit would be settled by December 15.

From Hoskinsons Youtube live stream:

I’ve heard rumors that the Ripple case will be settled December 15th. Let’s just see. That could have catastrophic implications for the industry, one way or the other. But you just keep moving forward. Regardless of what happens, it’s a decentralized ecosystem you guys control.


In November Cardano’s IOG (Input output global) announced that they were working on a privacy blockchain called Midnight.

Charles Hoskinson said it was the “hardest product we’ve ever worked on”. The Midnight blockchain will be a data protection-based network that aims to protect personal and commercial data.

From Midnight:

Midnight will be a data protection-based blockchain that safeguards sensitive commercial and personal data, protecting fundamental freedoms of association, commerce, and expression for developers, companies, and individuals

There’s currently no release date for Midnight, but those interested in following its development can sign up for regular updates from the development team by visiting their website.

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