Binance bridge: How to bridge from BNB Chain to Ethereum

Binance bridge

Binance bridge

The Binance Smart Chain bridge gave traders the ability to send tokens to and from the Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum and other blockchain networks.

When Binance Smart Chain and Binance Chain combined to become BNB Chain, the original Binance Smart Chain bridge was decommissioned.

Traders who wanted to bridge tokens from Binance to Ethereum now had to adhere to the new structure of Binance’s bridging process.

Binance's new bridge methods

Now that the Binance Smart Chain bridge is no more, old ways of sending tokens from Binance to Ethereum and vice versa have been altered, and new approaches have been introduced.

Those wanting to bridge their tokens from Binance to Ethereum will need to register with the crypto exchange Binance and bridge tokens using the official Binance website or connect a web3 wallet to third party bridges such as Celer cBridge and Any Swap.

How to bridge from BNB Chain to Ethereum using

To bridge tokens from BNB Chain to the Ethereum network using the official Binance website you must first create an account on or Binance.US.

Once you’ve created an account, deposit tokens that you’d like to bridge to Ethereum to your Binance wallet.
You can bridge tokens from multiple networks such as TRON, EOS, and the Bitcoin network.

When your deposit arrives, withdraw your tokens to the Ethereum network. This can be done by selecting the Ethereum network on Binance’s withdrawal page.

After you’ve sent your tokens to the Ethereum network, check your web3 Ethereum wallet to see if they’ve arrived successfully.

How to bridge using Celer cBridge

To bridge tokens using Celer cBridge, you must first own a web3 wallet such as Metamask and connect your wallet to the Celer cBridge website.

Once connected, go to the Transfer tab and select which network you’d like to bridge to and which tokens you want to bridge.

If you’d like to bridge from the BNB Chain to Ethereum, select the BNB Chain as the ‘from’ destination and the Ethereum network as the ‘To’ destination.

Specify the number of tokens you’d like to send to the Ethereum network, then click the Transfer button. You’ll have to pay a small transaction fee to confirm the transfer.

How to bridge using Any Swap

Bridging using Any Swap is very similar to how bridging works on Celer cBridge. Simply connect your web3 wallet, select the BNB Chain and which tokens you are sending to the Ethereum network, then confirm the transfer and pay the transaction fee.

Additional Note: remember to keep some additional BNB tokens/ETH tokens in your wallet as the transaction fees will be paid in either BNB tokens or ETH.

What is BNB Chain?

Launched on February 2, 2022, BNB Chain is Binance’s proof of stake (PoS) blockchain network. The BNB Chain’s native tokens are BNB and BUSD.

Binance's BNB token is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Binance regularly burns BNB tokens. Users can stake BNB tokens to help validate transactions on the network.

The BNB Chain is made up of the BNB Beacon Chain and the former Binance Smart Chain. The transaction fees on the BNB Chain are some of the lowest for any crypto blockchain, and transaction speeds are fast and competitive with other PoS networks.

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