A robust Uniswap DeFi wallet for mobile phones is on the way



Uniswap DEX (decentralised exchange) is launching a new crypto wallet for investors.

The Uniswap mobile wallet will be a new decentralised, open-source mobile DeFi wallet for crypto investors to gain access to DeFi services and cryptocurrencies while on the move.

The app will bring the Uniswap to mobile phones around the world for the first time ever.

A new robust Uniswap DeFi wallet is on the way

With the new mobile app users will be able to send, track and swap Ethereum ERC-20 tokens including NFTs. Users will have quick access to Ethereum layer 2’s such as Optimism, Arbitrium and Polygon.

Price charts, favourite token lists, activity feeds and web3 connectivity will also make an appearance making Uniswap’s app one of the best DeFi wallets on the market.

According to Uniswap, the app was submitted to Apple’s AppStore but Apple has refused to green-light the app for their AppStore. Uniswap is puzzled why Apple has blocked their app despite the fact that they followed the AppStore's guidelines.

Instead of public release, the team at Uniswap have decided to wait for Apple’s green-light and have settled on a “TestFlight” where 10,000 mobile users will be able to experience the Uniswap app for themselves. Uniswap will share access codes across their media channels including Discord to reach the first 10,000 users.

Although there’s no guarantee that Apple will green-light the Uniswap app, Uniswap has gone ahead with its TestFlight programme despite the AppStore’s hesitations.

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