A New Crash Bandicoot Game Could be Announced at PlayStation Showcase

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Crash Bandicoot's 25th anniversary just so happens to coincide with this month's PlayStation Showcase.

That's got some fans excited about the prospect of a new Crash announcement, an excitement the official Crash Bandicoot Twitter account was only too eager to help fuel (thanks, NintendoLife).


"That feeling you get when you hear there's a certain party right around the corner," the account posted, above an image of Crash himself partying with a robot.

People naturally assumed that meant a new Crash Bash game is in store or perhaps a Crash Bash remaster.

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A New Crash Bandicoot Game Could be Announced at PlayStation Showcase

It's a reasonable assumption to make, but other fans are hoping for any kind of Crash remaster. One asked for Twinsanity, another wanted Crash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though there are some signs a completely different kind of Crash game might be in store.

Influencers recently started receiving Crash-related items, including Wumpa fruits, and some rumors point to a game called Wumpa League as the big announcement.


They don't actually say what Wumpa League is, though at a guess, we'd say it sounds like something multiplayer related.

We'll know soon enough, whatever it is.