Xbox Series X: SSD Expansion Option Release Date, Price, Size And Everything We Know

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The Xbox Series X will arrive this year alongside the Xbox Series S, with both promising blazing fast load times.

Both will use NVME drives to achieve this, but how will that effect each console's external storage options?


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Xbox Series X Storage Explained

What are Xbox Series X Storage Cards?

While the Xbox One line of consoles offers USB hard drive support, the Xbox Series X needs something a little faster for its games.


Your existing Xbox One digital library can be plugged straight into the Series X, but new Series X games will need to run on a new storage solution.

The Series X offers a 1TB SSD for blazing-fast performance, but expanding that storage is done with a new proprietary storage solution developed in partnership with Seagate. Check it out below.

Each of these cards offers 1TB of storage, but proprietary storage can be expensive. We hope Microsoft can keep costs down to keep them affordable, especially since gamers with a large game library will likely end up needing multiple cards.



Industry leaker Robert Serrano recently shared a tweet that suggests that the cards will cost $219.99 each, which would be pretty expensive if true.

Xbox Series X Seagate 1TB SSD Expansion$ 219,99 👀#XboxSeriesX
— Roberto Serrano' (@geronimo_73)
September 9, 2020

We'll update this as we hear more.


Release Date

Expect the cards to ship alongside the console on November 10.