Xbox Series S: PRE-ORDERS OPEN! UK Release Date, Specs, Price, Games, And Everything We Know

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The Xbox Series X was revealed at The Game Awards towards the end of last year, marking it the first official glimpse of the next era of console gaming, but rumours have long been swirling about a cheaper Xbox console launching alongside it.

We now finally have some information about the console, its price, and what it can do. Here's what we know so far!


Latest News - Pre-orders now OPEN

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PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series S from Argos

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PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series S from Amazon

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According to multiple reports, the Xbox Series S is slated to be a next-gen console with much less power than the Xbox Series X - but will play the same games as part of Microsoft's Smart Delivery initiative.


The Series S is an all-digital console, 1440p at up to 120 FPS, boasting ultra-low latency, 4K streaming media playback and 4K upscaling for games.

It is reported to be running a 20 CU, RDNA2 GPU, which would put it 4.2 TF of GPU performance.

It is running the same eight-core CPU as the Series X, with slightly lower clock speed and 7.5 GB of usable RAM.

The console will also support DIRECTX Raytacing, variable-rate shading and variable refresh rate.

Lastly, it will sport a custom 512 GB SSD.

It will be an all-digital console and have a similar design to that of the One S.

According to a leak cited by The Verge, devs are able to test their game on Series S specs when developing for Series X.


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Check out this leaked trailer courtesy of @WalkingCat on Twitter.



Whichever console you end up picking up, you'll have access to the same game library.

As well as Xbox Series X-era games, you’ll be able to play games from the Xbox One, the Xbox 360, and the very first generation of the Xbox.


While a lot of titles are unconfirmed, especially with Halo Infinite being delayed into 2021, we may be looking at a launch that features a lot of cross-party games.


It's been confirmed that the Xbox Series S will cost $299 or £249.

The Xbox Series X will retail for $499 or £449.


Which console will you be picking up? Or will you opt for the PlayStation 5, either with or without the disc drive?