Xbox Series X Heat Tests Show It's Actually Cooler Than The One X

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Xbox Series X launches in under a month, but critics that have been using it early have commented on the amount of heat that the console expels.

Thankfully one outlet, Tweakers, has decided to put the console through its paces and test the level of heat that the console produces.

The German site did their homework, and the results should help reassure fans (as translated by Tom's Guide).

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Xbox Series X Heat Output Tested

Despite being much more powerful than the Xbox One X, it actually transpires that Microsoft's next-gen machine users less power than its predecessor.

When playing a game, the Series X draws 128W, while the Xbox One X drew 180W, and it's actually more efficient when idle or in sleep mode.

It's also quieter, with the console runs at 25dB while playing a game, with the One X at 38dB – a sizeable drop.

The key question, though, is around the console's heat. While using a FLIR camera in a not entirely accurate way, they did record a temperature of 48 Celsius (118.4 Fahrenheit).

The Xbox One X, however, ran at 65 Celsius (149 Fahrenheit), so the Series X is cooler than the current-gen machine.

So with those tests, the console is cooler, quieter, and more efficient than the Xbox One X.


Wondering why all the hubbub about the console's heat? While it could be that a faulty unit was sent out (even pre-release tech isn't immune to manufacturing issues), it likely stems from the way the console is cooled.

Rather than pumping air out of the back like the Xbox One X, the Series X draws heat from the bottom and sends it out via the top.

That means that in theory, you're more likely to feel the warm air as it isn't being siphoned through the back of your entertainment centre.

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