Xbox Series X Memory Card Price Revealed, Pre-Orders Open

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Xbox Series X has a heck of a spec sheet, but one thing has caused a bit of a worry - the internal storage space.

The console ships with a 1TB SSD, while the Xbox Series S offers just 512GB - with games getting bigger seemingly month after month.


We now finally have a price for the external memory cards that Seagate have developed for the system, and it's more than we expected.

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Xbox Series X Memory Card Prices Revealed

The first retailed to list the cards is Best Buy, and it comes in at a whopping $219.99 for a 1TB expansion.


Why so expensive? It comes down to the tech found within the small rectangles. Essentially, the cards use expensive NVMe PCIe 4.0, a standard of data transfer that allows the memory card to essentially run at the same speed as the console's internal drive.

We've got fond memories of, um, memory cards

Seagate also notes that the cards will improve performance of Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles, presumably in comparison to a standard USB 3.0 hard drive like the ones we use now. You can find out more on Seagate's site here.

It's also worth noting that picking up one of these bad boys doesn't mean you have to throw away your existing storage options that you may be using on the Xbox One console family. If you've got a USB 3.0 hard drive, for example, you can plug it straight into your new Xbox Series S or X console and be able to play all the games on it without having to reformat it or reinstall anything.


That only works for Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles, though, so if you're picking up some Series X games to go with the console you'll need to rely on the internal storage or Seagate's option.

As for Sony, Microsoft's competitor has touted a revolutionary new SSD that offers 825GB of storage, but there are two expansion ports for more storage, too. Those expansion SSD's will offer increased storage, but you'll need Sony-certified ones to maximise the console's speed.

At the time of his tech talk earlier this year, Mark Cerny had noted that the requisite speed of such drives wasn't quite up to where it needed to be yet - so expect to pay a premium for those, too.