Xbox Game Studios: Microsoft Could Announce "At Least One More" Studio Acquisition "Soon"

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Xbox Series X is less than a month away, and it sounds like Microsoft may not be done acquiring studios to bolster its portfolio yet.

The news comes from an episode of the XboxEra Podcast featuring Tom Warren from The Verge.


Check out the episode below.

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Microsoft Could Announce "At Least One More" Studio Acquisition

Check out the episode below, with the topic coming up at around the 29-minute mark.


According to Warren, Microsoft could be about to announce another team joining its stable of studios.

"It feels like they are gonna announce another one [acquisition] soon, that's just the impression I get," he explains.

Podcast host Shpeshal Ed also notes that "I did get told there's definitely at least one more but didn't get told who it is."

Microsoft stunned the industry last month by purchasing Bethesda parent company Zenimax Media and all of its studios for over 7 billion dollars, opening up the possibility of Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored and more becoming Xbox-exclusive franchises in the coming console generation.


The publisher has been working closely with several studios in recent months, notably DontNod (Tell Me Why) and Bloober Team (The Medium).

There has also been a resurgence of the rumours of Microsoft re-acquiring Bungie, but that seems to have been shot down (although the two have partnered to bring Destiny 2 and all of its expansions to Xbox Game Pass).

There have even been suggestions that SEGA has been tapped to be added, with the two companies enjoying a strong working relationship back with the original Xbox.

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