Xbox Game Pass Is Getting A Rebrand Ahead of Series X Launch

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Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's game subscription, is getting a rebrand ahead of the Xbox Series X launch later this year.

As spotted by Thurrott, both @xboxgamepass and @xboxgamepasspc have dropped the word "Xbox" from their respective images, replacing them with the classic Xbox logo. It's worth noting, however, that both are still using the full name in their account titles - presumably to avoid confusing fans.


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Is Xbox Game Pass Getting A Rebrand?

While this may seem like a standard logo refresh and a fresh coat of paint, it's indicative of Microsoft's strategy of making the service the centrepiece of its gaming strategy. In many ways, (Xbox) Game Pass is the company's next-gen platform.

In fact, the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account cheekily referenced the "new look".

Trying out a new look
— Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass)
August 1, 2020

With Project xCloud coming to Game Pass in September, as well as Microsoft stopping the sales of 12-month Xbox Live Gold memberships, the company is likely trying to make the platform as consumer-friendly as it possibly can as we approach the launch of its next console.


Last month's Xbox Games Showcase showed off a wealth of games, all of which are coming to the subscription service at launch. With the console feeling secondary to Microsoft's new ecosystem-first mentality, it's worth noting that, in many ways, they've already won the console war.