Xbox Series X Event LIVE BLOG: Dates, Times, Schedule, Games, Livestream And More

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The day has finally arrived, with Microsoft due to reveal exactly what we could be playing on the Xbox Series X console when it launches later this year.

The company has promised games, games and more games, so it's likely the hardware itself will take a back seat. That's fine by us, as we'll get to see the likes of Halo Infinite, Hellblade II, and even the potential return of Fable.


We'll be covering the event below, including the pre-show, so be sure to check back here at 4 PM BST.


You can watch the event here.

Xbox Series X Event July 23 Live Blog

That's A Wrap, Folks!

I'll be adding trailers to the last few entries momentarily, but I can't help but feel somewhat disappointed.


After such a strong opening, relying on so many games we already know about and in-engine videos felt a little flat. 

Fable Announced

Playground Games is, indeed, working on Fable.

Crossfire X Campaign Shown

If it wasn't being developed by Remedy, we wouldn't care, but the game is coming in 2020.


New Genesis: Phantasy Star Online 2 Announced

Honestly, it looks like sci-fi Monster Hunter and that's totally fine with me.

The Medium Looks Creepy As All Hell

The Gunk Announced

From the creator's of the Steamworld franchise.


Tetris Effect Connected Announced

Warhammer 40K Darktide Announced, Launching 2021

Stalker 2 Announced, Console Launch Exclusive

Destiny 2 And All Expansions Coming to Xbox Game Pass

With the game being playable through xCloud.


Also, the trailer shows the Beyond Light expansion's new abilities, and they look rad as hell.

Psychonauts 2 Has Jack Black

No, it's not Brutal Legend 2, but the bizarre adventure has just added the legendary musician/actor to the soundtrack. 

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

The game will be set in Iceland, new development diary coming after the show.


No gameplay, bizarrely.

Int./ Night Studio Unveils Interactive Drama "As Dusk Falls"

I've never seen anything that looks like this, with characters almost cardboard cut-outs. It's hard to explain but looks really interesting.

Obsidian's Next RPG

The devs are teasing a new title, with the first look at Avowed.


Grounded Release Date

Obsidian's survival title looks great, but those spiders have put me right off.

Launching July 28 - that's next week!

The Outer Wilds DLC: Peril on Gorgon Confirmed

Launching September 9.


Ori And The Will of The Wisps Xbox Series X Version Confirmed

120 Hz, 4K, HDR touted for the game, as well as improved audio tech.

Coming this year.

DontNod's Tell Me Why Launching August 27

This emotional journey gets more intriguing the more I see from it. 


Everwild Shown

Rare's next title looks stunning, with this in-engine trailer showing off its unique art style and adorable animal creatures.

Turn 10 Working On The Next Forza

The team is apparently early in development, with an in-engine trailer shown. Interestingly, there's no number in the title.

Phil Spencer


Five new first-party games promised.

Xbox Game Pass gets a mention, with every game shown being added to the service on day one.

State of Decay 3 Revealed

In this moody trailer showing a woman alone in the wilderness, we get a look at a zombified deer.

Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay

We're kicking off with a look at the making of the Mjolnir armour.


Gameplay time! Chief and his companion from E3 2019 have crash-landed on a planet that doesn't look too pleased to see them.

The assault rifle is back, as are plasma pistols and the Warthog. Most interestingly, it looks as though the game has an open-ish world area where Chief can complete objectives in whichever order players choose.

Those familiar beats are kicking in in the soundtrack, too, and the chants. It feels like a homecoming, and the grappling hook that was rumoured is, in fact, here.

It'll launch Holiday 2020.

Here We Go

Pre-show is over folks.


Balan Wonderworld Announced

Balan Wonderworld is a new title from Square Enix that's set in a world of musical theatre. It's a 3D action platformer and looks absolutely gorgeous.

We are HERE for this soundtrack.

ID @ Xbox Sizzle Reel

Last Stop, Exo One, 12 Minutes, The Big Con, The Ascent, The Falconeer and plenty more shown.

Oh, and Tunic, the Zelda-like starring an adorable fox.


Hello Neighbour 2 Announced

This one looks a bit unsettling and sees players sneaking into a weird bird person's house while avoiding being caught.

Echo Generation Announced

A new turn-based RPG with a neat, blocky aesthetic, this channels Stranger Things with its use of colours and a nice synth soundtrack.

Ninja Speaks


Ninja is here, and he wants to see Halo return to its former glory.

Watch Dogs Legion

Another look at Watch Dogs, which still can't decide if it wants to be a Guy Ritchie movie or a sci-fi thriller.

New Panel

The panel has rotated, and we've now got Arin from GameGrumps, Danny O'Dwyer from NoClip, and Alanah Pearce from Funhaus.

Danny notes that 343 are likely to have had access to the Series X hardware much earlier, so we should expect something special in terms of visuals.


Exomecha Announced, Coming 2021

Expect robots, robotic dinosaurs, and first-person combat.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S is coming to Xbox

The legendary RPG franchise has already been on PS4 and Switch, but it'll be coming to Xbox as part of Game Pass, too.



I'm gonna be honest, Geoff's just chatting with his panel of guests (Austin Evans, JackSepticEye and LaurenzSide) so not really much to say here.

Pre-Show Has Begun

A reminder that you can watch the pre-show here with Geoff Keighley.

He's reiterating that the focus today is on games, so don't expect a release date for the console or a price.


How is everyone doing? We're here to fill you in on all the big announcements from Xbox's showcase today. Whether you're at work, busy with pesky social gatherings, or simply prefer old-fashioned words over flashy videos and trailers (you lunatic) we've got you covered.

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What Will We See?

Funny you should ask - we've got a full set of predictions and a wishlist that you can find right here.

When is Xbox's Event?

This event kicks off with a pre-show at 4 PM while the real thing begins at 5 PM.


How Can You Watch The Event?

With Mixer no more, you can find the event on the Xbox YouTube channel and social media pages.


The stream for the pre-show is also embedded below.