PS5's Size Is Due To The Fan, Engineer Reveals

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Some PlayStation fanatics around the world have been lucky enough to get their hands on the new console ahead of release.

Many have been highly praising the cooling system and noise output of the PS5.


Well, how did Sony pull off such a quiet and cool console?

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It didn't come without sacrifice in terms of the size, keep reading to find out more!

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PS5's Fan Is The Cause Of Consoles Size

The PS5 is Sony's largest console yet and is near three inches larger than that of the PS4 Pro.


This next-gen console stands at almost 16 inches tall but why is it so big?

Well, it turns out that the fan inside of it is actually wider than the PS4.

Nikkei's Xtech recently produced an article that states the cooling system is what determined the size of the PS5.

The head of the consoles mechanical and thermal design team, Otori Yasuhiro, stated in an interview that the fan was essential in cooling both sides of the console evenly.


Apparently, the PS5 could have been smaller if Sony had chosen to install two smaller fans.

Doing so would have increase manufacturing costs due to having to control multiple fans at once.

“It was possible to develop the PlayStation 5 to be smaller. For example, by implementing two cooling fans, one for side A and side B, the PlayStation 5 size would have been reduced,” Yasuhiro said.

“However, there is naturally an additional cost associated with having two fans. Additionally, controlling the functionality of two fans is more difficult than just one. With these additional obstacles in mind, we decided to cool both sides of the mainboard with one, large fan.”


You've likely heard everyone raving over how brilliant the cooling function is and how quiet it is.

Many have actually stated that the quietness of the fans is more impressive than loading times.

Others have pointed out that apart from the noise the actual temperature coming from the console is a lot cooler.

Both Sony and Microsoft have taken noise into account when creating their next-gen consoles.


The Xbox Series X has had similar reviews in regards to its cooling system!

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