PS5: Sony Wants Playing The PS5 To Be 'As Easy As Netflix'

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The PlayStation 4 is infamous for its slow speeds when trying to navigate the menu, load up a somewhat strenuous game and the menu will freeze.

So it has been a delight to hear that one of the main focuses for the PS5 will be speed and efficiency above all else, putting that high-speed SSD to work!


Jason Schreier from Kotaku has shared one of Sony's pitches to developers as it attempts to turn playing a PS5 game into something "as easy as Netflix".

Jason said  "I have heard some fascinating things about the PS5’s operating system like this - one of the pitches they’ve been making to developers is 'playing a PS5 game should be as easy as Netflix.'

"They want to make players feel like they can load up the game immediately and know exactly how much time a given activity is going to take them." Schreier also mentions that Sony wants people to play in short bursts as opposed to waiting until they have a few hours spare.



It sounds like Sony isn't playing around this generation, and speed will be its top priority.

A new PS5 patent has also cropped up that suggests Trophies, in-game achievements, and unlockables could be displayed on the next-gen console's dashboard, with those few seconds of scrolling shaved off, gaming should finally feel seamless from the home menu to the game.

Let's hope the PlayStation fan will get that well-needed upgrade too!