Sony Reveals That PS5 Has Sold 4.5 Million Units Since Launch

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Sony has revealed its earnings results for Q3 of FY2020, giving us the first look at sales numbers for the PS5.

While we previously heard that its launch marked the largest yet for the company, we now know that PS5 has already sold an impressive 4.5 million consoles.s


Considering we're in the midst of a global pandemic, that's impressive.

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Sony Reveals That PS5 Has Sold 4.5 Million Units Since Launch

As for the current quarter, the company is aiming to sell another 3 million consoles, which would mean it would outsell the PS4 over the same period.


Speaking of PS4, Sony's last-generation console shipped just 1.4 million units in the quarter.

Interestingly, Sony confirmed that PlayStation 5 costs more to manufacture than what the company sells it for, meaning it sold at a loss. It's often the case that hardware loss is negated by software sales, but it's an interesting wrinkle to the company's strategy of competing price-wise with the Xbox Series S/X.

Sony also reported that there are now over 47 million PlayStation Plus subscribers, boosted by 1.5 million from the previous quarter and 9.1 million annually.

Over 87% of PS5 owners subscribe to PlayStation Plus.


Elsewhere, digital software sales made up 53% of all game sales.

For more on Sony, the company is set to publish its first Xbox One game with MLB The Show 21.

The Division 2 also just got its next-gen patch to run at 4K and 60 FPS on the console.