PS5 Removable Stand Is Seriously Dividing Fans

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Many people like us are excited to see all the features coming to the PS5.

Well, recently one detail has become a major focus for prospective buyers.


Let's dive in and figure out why the PS5's removable stand is causing such a commotion.

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PS5 Removable Stand

Due to the PS5's abstract design, it requires a stand to lay vertically.

Well, Sony decided to show this feature off recently.

They took to Twitter with a video showing different features to the PS5 body.

Previously the PS2 had a stand too and no one had an issue but suddenly it seems there is one with the PS5.


Many took to social media to discuss their disappointment or positivity among each other.

It seems the stand is under scrutiny due to how long it took for them to explain the process in the video.

This was the first feature explained in detail and took more than 30 seconds.

Twitter user Nibellion posted the video of Sony's Mechanical Design Department VP Yasuhiro Ootori discussing the removable stand in x1.25 speed:

Switching the PS5 from vertical to horizontal (x1.25 speed)
— Nibel (@Nibellion)
October 7, 2020

Although some aren't happy with the time it takes to put the stand on, at least Sony is being upfront about everything.


They're giving fans a view into the console before they buy which in my eyes is a positive.

The console comes out in November and I'd rather be as informed as I can be before possibly buying.

In the video, you can see that the screw can be removed and then put into a compartment to prevent losing it.

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Is It Really An Issue?

Is it actually a problem and worth getting frustrated over?

Probably not but many have voiced that kids and parents won't want to fiddle with the console when opened this holiday.


The plus side is that the stand comes with the console, whereas the PS4's was a separate purchase.

If anything, Sony has actually thought of the player when adding this feature, giving them the choice to use it horizontally or vertically.

Yes, it would be easier to just be able to lay it on its side but maybe this also allows better ventilation?