PlayStation 5 Will Have 664GB of Usable Storage Space, According To A New Leak

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The PS5 is rumoured to have 664GB of useable storage - according to a new leak.

That’s 138GB less than 1TB Series X, which will offer 802GB of useable space.


A word of caution. The leak – on ResetEra - in no way confirms anything and is merely a rumour. The images, which claim to the UI, are hazy and could well be doctored. Sony is yet to officially reveal the console's interface.

Still, as we’ve seen with Modern Warfare, demand a massive whopping 250GB of space in its lasted update, issues around space are a sensitive subject.

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PlayStation 5 Will Have 664GB of Usable SSD Space

You can check out the leaked image below:


Image Courtesy of ResetEra

Expect that space to fill up pretty quickly, with Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales taking up 50GB of space or 105GB for the Ultimate Edition that includes a remastered version of the 2018 game.

Demon's Souls, another PS5 launch title will weigh in at 66GB - with the PS3 original coming in at around 8GB.

For their part, Microsoft is offering SSD expansion cards for the Series X, but Sony has yet to formally announce its own storage solution for our burgeoning game collections. 


A recent blog post has highlighted the benefits of the PlayStation 5 for developers and what it'll mean for gamers, as well as a great new trailer.

Then there's the wealth of exclusive games coming to Sony's next-gen system, with more expected to follow, although the price of first-party titles has increased.

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And then there's the megaton announcement that Final Fantasy XVI will be a PlayStation exclusive!