PS5 Dualsense Controller Attachment Patent Revealed

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A newly discovered patent has revealed what looks like a new controller attachment option for the Dualsense PS5 controller.

Similarly to the PS4's additional rear buttons, the patent offers "a plurality of buttons" (thanks to Okami on Twitter).


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PS5 Dualsense Controller Attachment Patent Revealed

According to the patent information, the "add-on mechanically couples to a game controller body."

"A controller interface coupled to the housing is configured to communicatively couple to the plurality of buttons to the game controller."


"Buttons on the add-on may be mapped to controller buttons using customized button mapping pre-sets. A button mapping may indicate that a selected preset is to be hidden during a switching operation Upon receiving a switching operation input, the selected pre-set is skipped during the switching operation."

The patent was filed in June of last year, months before the PS5's launch, but was published on February 4 of 2021.

You can check out an image from the patent below:


Image courtesy of Patent Scope

Presumably, the option for added inputs would be in response to Microsoft's popular Elite Series controllers, which offer customisable rear paddles and presets.

Would you be interested in additional controller buttons? Let us know.