PS5 Audio Guide: How To Connect And Use Any Headset, Mixamp Or Speakers

With the PS5 now available worldwide, you may be wanting to set up a headset with your new console.

While the console makes plenty of steps forward, it's lost a few core components to its design that can be a headache for older equipment.

Most notably for headsets that may not be compatible with this new generation of consoles.

Here's how to set up any headset, MixAmp or speakers with your new PlayStation console.

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How To Connect A Bluetooth Or Wireless Headset To The PS5

Unfortunately, Bluetooth headsets and headphones are not compatible with the PS5.

Wireless headphones that have an appropriate USB dongle will still function as normal with the console and will work by simply plugging them into the console.

Check out some of the awesome headsets available here:

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However, you may be able to buy a Bluetooth receiver with an audio jack connection.

The receiver can plug into the audio jack on your TV/Monitor or into your controller.

You can explore some Bluetooth receiver options here:

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How To Connect A Headset Or Speakers To The PS5 Using Optical Cables

You might have noticed that there is no optical audio output on your PS5.

Sony decided to remove this in the new console (much to the dismay of many users) due to it's "low usage".

Fortunately, there is a way around this. If you buy an HDMI Audio Extractor, you can strip the audio from the HDMI cable (coming from your PS5) and connect an Optical cable.

The Optical cable can then be run into your Mix Amp or Speakers. Most of these devices also come with a second 'Audio Out' port that allows you to split the audio to multiple devices e.g. a headset and speakers.

You can explore some HDMI Audio Extractor options here:

You may also need some extra HDMI cables - be sure to grab them here.

How To Connect A MixAmp To The PS5

Mix Amps are extremely versatile and offer multiple choices to receive your audio.

You can use the Optical port or the AUX/3.5mm Audio Jack to generate your audio. These are particularly useful if you're using the same headset and mixamp for a PC and console.

Simply run an AUX cable from your monitor/TV into the appropriate 3.5mm Audio Jack on your MixAmp or use an HDMI audio extractor so you can use Optical cables (as detailed above).

The MixAmp also offers a third audio passthrough, which is exclusive to your PC, by simply plugging it in via USB.

If you own an Astro MixAmp Pro TR or A50 Base Station, you can update it to the latest firmware and it will work by plugging it into the USB ports on the console.

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You can explore some Mix Amp options here:

You may need an AUX cable to complete your setup - be sure to grab one here.

How To Use A Wired Headset Or Headphones With The PS5

Wired Headphones are also at a bit of a loss with the PS5 as there is no audio output on the device.

We suggest plugging your wired headphones or headset into either the audio jack on the bottom of your controller or into the audio jack on your monitor/TV.

Here are some great headphones and headsets you can try:

Equally, you can buy a special controller MixAmp that will allow you to adjust the voice and game volume on the fly:

Connecting a wired headset or headphones into an audio jack will not allow you to adjust the audio on the fly unless it comes with its own volume control function.

Because of this, we recommend getting a MixAmp.

How To Connect Astro Headsets To The PS5

With no audio ports on the new PS5, Astro has created a way for users to continue enjoying their products without having to spend a penny.

You can now use your A40 or A50 headset by plugging it into the USB slots if you own the MixAmp Pro TR or A50 Base Station.

Be sure to check out how to do that right here.

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